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Yava Research was founded to develop profitable green technologies

YR’s parent company YTI can help to finance your sustainable chemical project.  YTI’s goal is to help your company secure the lowest cost financing for each stage of its development.  Whether your company requires financing for research, a pilot or commercial plant, we can help.  YTI can guide you on where and how to apply for a range of government programs that provide grants, low interest loans and/or equity.  Introductions to investment funds, corporations and investment bankers interested in the cleantech sector are also available.


YTI has the inhouse expertise to help you develop financial models and assemble a highly qualified team of consultants to assist you at each stage of your project’s development.


YTI is looking to assist companies develop green technologies or who want to utilize Yava’s green technologies.  Our goal is to aid the global economy’s transition to a sustainable style of operating that is also highly profitable.

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