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Projects - Precipitated Silica

We have developed an efficient, carbon-neutral, green process
for producing high quality precipitated silica
Percipitated Silica

Yava Silica LLC. (YS), a subsidiary of Yava Technologies Inc. (YTI), retained Yava Research (YR) to develop an efficient, carbon-neutral, sustainable chemical process for producing high quality precipitated silica (SILICA). SILICA is widely used to improve performance in rubber and plastics and also used as a filler, softener, oral health care agent, additive, food rheology modifier, defoamer etc. Recently, it has seen its increasing use in the manufacture of green tires as a partial replacement for carbon black. The use of precipitated silica by various market segments is dictated by its unique morphological characteristics, for example, pore volume, pore diameter, pore width, surface area, particle size etc.


The demand for SILICA is growing steadily because it, among other things, improves the performance of tires and non-tire rubber products.  For example, tires made with SILICA are called “Green Tires” because they have shorter stopping distances and reduce fuel consumption.  SILICA is also considered a green replacement for carbon black, a key rubber additive that is made by roasting coal tar.

YR employed extensive lab and pilot scale tests, as well as preliminary engineering to design an efficient, green process for producing SILICA.  YR and its parent, Yava Technologies Inc., have received support from several agencies of the Federal Government of Canada to assist in developing the SILICA process for YS.

ARDL, a leading independent rubber industry lab, indicates that YS’s tire industry SILICA product has superior performance compared to other products currently on the market.  Several US states, and Québec Canada have indicated that they will provide financial support packages if YS locates in their respective jurisdictions.  YS plans to become a producer of a range of SILICA products that will be sold to the growing SILICA market in North America and Europe. 

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