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At Yava, our sole focus is to develop and commercialize industrial processes that efficiently produce superior products,
while protecting the environment

The Yava Advantage:

Yava Research was retained to develop a highly profitable, sustainable process to produce high purity alumina (HPA), which is in increasing demand from the electric vehicle industry for their use in separators because of its hardness, durability and resistance to disintegration.  Yava Alumina Inc., (YAI) was formed to commercialize the technology


Yava has developed a novel precipitated silica technology that fills the void in the industry by employing a flexible chemical processing technology to produce a range of precipitated silica products that can be utilized by diverse market segments. Yava’s process avoids the use of concentrated sulphuric acid and production of low-value sodium sulphate by-product. Precipitated silica is increasingly being used to produce green tires as a partial replacement for carbon black. The trend is expected to continue fuelling the demand for high quality precipitated silica in the years ahead.


The Yava Advantage:

Yava Research assists companies in meeting environmental and safety regulations by providing physical and analytical testing services.

Yava Research tests and analyses raw materials. We help customers get their products tested for their physical, chemical and structural characteristics.

Consumer Goods

The Yava Advantage:

Yava’s products are produced in an environmentally sustainable way and they can be used in a variety of consumer goods, for example, smartphones, LEDs, tires, shoe soles, paper and plastics and batteries to name a few.


The Yava Advantage:

Yava's proprietary green process produces high purity alumina that is increasingly being used to manufacture battery separators for their potential use in electric/hybrid vehicles, smartphones, smart watches etc.


The Yava Advantage:

Yava’s mining technology has the potential to offer a permanent solution to the treatment of tailings by recovering all the metals as value added products ready for commercial use. The technology can also potentially be utilized to recover the same metals from ores, concentrates, industrial waste and sludge. The chief benefits of the process to be employed instead of traditional mining technology are that it:


  1. Greatly reduces costs enabling recovery of metals uneconomic by traditional means.

  2. Virtually eliminates environmental impact, creates no toxic discharge, waste piles.

  3. Eliminates traditional smelting and refining.

  4. Implements economically and environmentally sustainable resource development.

  5. Recovers metals as value added products that dramatically increases cost competitiveness.

  6. Reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas production and prevents acid rock drainage.

Rubber and Plastics

The Yava Advantage:

Yava’s precipitated silica has been shown to have equivalent or better performance characteristics in rubber applications based on independent third party testing and validation. Precipitated silica has been increasingly finding its use in a wide range of applications including filler in rubber and plastics, green tires, absorbent, drying powder, substrate for catalysts, anticorrosion agent, etc.


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