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Projects - High Purity Alumina

High Purity Alumina - A Key Ingredient to the Modern World
High Purity Alumina

Yava has developed a highly profitable, sustainable process to produce high purity alumina (HPA).  The resulting plant design is expected to set new standards of consistency, performance, and sustainability for the production of HPA with a purity of 99.99+%.  


HPA is in increasing demand from the electric vehicle, LED light and other high growth industries.  Yava Alumina Inc., (YAI) was formed to commercialize the technology.​

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YAI's environmentally friendly process has garnered a great deal of attention and support from both Canadian Federal and Québec government agencies.  The Government of Québec (Quebec) has recommended that YAI build its plants at SPIPB in Bécancour, one of the largest industrial parks in North America.


Québec may also establish an exclusive area at SPIPB where green manufacturers will receive additional support to build and grow their businesses.  If Québec proceeds with this plan, YAI expects to build in that area of the industrial park. 

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