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Yava Research was founded to develop profitable green technologies
Yava Research Consulting

Our experience in commercializing chemical processes gives us a " bottom-up" understanding of what it takes to successfully commercialize and monetize a chemical process.  Our consulting services utilize a "Concept-to-commercialization" methodology to develop innovative solutions to economically recover high purity metal and metal compounds from mined ore, abandoned mines, mine tailings, industrial waste, mineral composites, and other toxic minerals including arsenates. 


By utilizing our technical teams' thorough and innovative materials analysis process, YR ensures that we ascertain the best possible unique technological solution that shows the greatest potential to commercialize. This commercialization process places particular emphasis on environmental sustainability, reduced or negative carbon footprint, and regeneration of chemicals to run the process as a closed-loop operation where applicable.  Our emphasis on sustainability is predicated on its foundational strength in organizing the financials, as well as its advantages in economic chemical processing. 

Our consulting team also offers a range of practical lab work and design testing via our lab facilities.  Yava’s lab team is equipped to assist clients in:
  • Laboratory validation of the proposed technology

  • Building a prototype

  • Running and integrated system to test and debug each step of the process, using the laboratory prototype

  • Scaling up the laboratory prototype to a pilot operation to collect commercialization parameters for engineering and subsequent construction of the proposed plant

  • Expert assistance to assess and evaluate a new sustainable chemical processing technology to solve existing problems, if and when they arise

  • Support for training employees on relevant process details

Outside of the lab, Yava's consulting team will be with you every step, on the way to commercializing your process. The legislation regarding environmental, health and safety protocols associated with chemical processing technologies is an area of expertise, which we will assist you in navigating efficiently.

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