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Services - Materials Analysis

Yava Research was founded to develop profitable green technologies
Materials Analysis

Materials Analysis is a major component of the design and development of sustainable processes.


Knowing and understanding the composition of your raw materials is necessary for reliability, and makes it possible to design the process in a way that reduces waste product, as well as maintain the predictability of the feedstock, and therefore the end-product. 

Our Materials Analysis capabilities are offered as follows:
  • Detailed analytical characterization of structure and properties of ore, feedstock, industrial waste, chemical compounds, or any other raw materials involved in your process.

  • Ascertaining and quantifying individual chemical constituents and contaminants of the material

  • Identifying materials compatible with the chemical process, with respect to corrosion, rust, stains, etc., when in contact with the chemical employed. 

  • Examining and representing the surface and sub-surface structure of a material employing microscopy, e.g. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).

  • Identifying the chemical composition variation, crystal structure and photoelectric properties of materials employing the following:

  • Ultraviolet-visible Spectroscopy (UV-sis)

o   X-ray Diffraction (XRD)

o   Inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ECP-MS)

  • Examining macroscopic properties of materials employing the following:

o   Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA)

o   Thermo-gravimetric Analysis (TGA)

o   Differential Scanning Colorimetry (DSC)

By helping our clients understand their raw materials on a variety of levels, we enable them to consider all variables when developing their process, ensuring its efficiency, and that it is running at optimal performance.

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